Desirable skills and how to get them

Whether you’re new to the job market or looking to change career paths, you might discover that you’re missing one or more skills required of your desired role.

So what should you do? Find out how you can still land an interview for that job you’ve always wanted by following these three tips.

Highlight your transferable skills

Too many prospective applicants make the mistake of overlooking exciting opportunities simply because they feel they’re underqualified. Sure, certain skills are non-negotiable, but if the skill in question only makes up a small part of the job role, you may be able to compensate by drawing attention to your transferable skills. For example, if you don’t have a great depth of global experience, but your last job required you to communicate with international clients, then that’s something you will want to include on your application. Similarly, if you’ve never worked in public relations, but regularly use your social media accounts to fundraise for your local charity, you can include that on your CV under volunteer work.

Acknowledge your shortcomings

You probably won’t have much of a shot securing an interview in Korean translation if you’re not past the intermediate level, but certain shortcomings, like being a half year behind on work experience in your chosen field, might be forgiven if you can prove to your employer you’re exceptional in other relevant areas. Take a good look at your CV, and see which skills or qualifications are most relevant to the role you want. Make sure you emphasise these points in your covering letter. What you may lack in technical skills, you may well more than make up for in soft skills. Having the right attitude counts more than you might think!

Enrol on an online short course

If you’ve been out of work for some time, you may find that what you’re lacking in certain skills are now considered must-haves. One way to close the gap, however, is by enrolling on a short course. You can develop the skills you need in usually three months or less, and place newly earned qualifications at the top of your CV to show prospective employers you’re committed to staying on track. Best of all, you can earn a certificate or diploma from the comfort of your own home, as there are many opportunities for you to gain new credentials 100% online.

Are you looking to increase your employability? Top up your CV with a certificate or diploma in finance, project management, or marketing, and gain the skills you need to develop your career.

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