We spoke to five students who gave us their top insider tips for getting the most out of your online study experience, and capitalising on the career benefits that come with it.

Choose the right programme for you

First thing’s first, if you want to have a successful online study experience the programme you select has to suit your ambitions. There’s an enormous variety of courses to choose from, but make sure you research all of your options thoroughly:

I researched as many different online providers as I could, but I felt that in many cases the accreditation status of these schools was not strong enough, or that the awarding bodies were not well known outside that region. So I turned my focus to European providers, and quite soon afterwards London School of Business and Finance became the clear choice. - Alan Pham, MBA alumni, New Zealand

Establish a regular study schedule

Studying online requires excellent self-discipline and time management skills. Get into the habit of tackling your studies in smaller, more easily manageable segments, rather than attempting to play catch up later on:

The best thing to do is to study regularly when the semester starts, and not letting work build up week after week. - Saba Ashfaq, BSc student, Pakistan

Master the basics

Avoid the temptation of jumping ahead of the syllabus:

Gain a good grasp of the essentials first of all. If the basics are not mastered, you cannot achieve a proper understanding of any topic. -Imran Amin, ACCA student, Kuwait

Enjoy the freedom

For many people, the ability to study from their office or the comfort of their own home is one of the primary reasons for studying online. But students should really make the most of the freedom to study wherever works best for them:

Usually I find there to be too many distractions at home, so I make a point of going to places like my local library to study. Being able to access the videos from anywhere at any time is very useful. - Adam Lyons, ACCA student, England

Immerse yourself in a global community

There are unique opportunities for networking with a global community of students and professionals. In fact, not only do these live chat-rooms act as a great support feature to help you engage with the subject matter, but are also fantastic resources for expanding your network of contacts all around the world:

I found the discussions forums very helpful in particular - Nonhlanhla Mtshali, BSc student, South Africa

Now you know the secrets of successful online study, choose from a range of degrees and professional qualifications open to you right here.

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